Free Online Islamic Classes During This Covid-19 Period

Check out these free Islamic classes that can be accessed online.
by Muslim.Sg 2021-06-11 • 4 min read
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2021-06-11 • 4 min read

Free online Islamic classes in Singapore for adults

Free Online Islamic Classes During This Covid-19 Period


Alhamdulillah, our amazing religious teachers have moved their Islamic lectures and lessons online. Here is a list of upcoming free Islamic classes for you and your family. 


**Updated as of 14 June 2021.


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Let's Talk About It - Sexual Addiction, Ustazah Shameem Sultanah, Ustaz Khaider Rohani, Hafidz Rahman, Ms Jeanette Houmayune 

free islamic courses online

With the recent events surrounding sexual harassment online - has our access to technology caused these events to happen? How has technology influenced the mind when it comes to such acts?

Ustaz Khaider and Ustazah Shameen Sultanah, moderator Hafidz Rahman and Therapist Ms Jeanette Houyamene will be discussing and discussing the topic of sexual addiction and lust, and how one can minimize or avoid sexual addiction.

Join them on 23rd June 2021, from 8pm to 10pm. Register here.


Topics to be discussed:

  • Indecent Materials and Sexual Addiction Acts
  • Usage of the Internet and How it influences the mind. 
  • Revisit the dos and dont's on feelings of Lust (Nafsu).
  • Roles as an individual and family towards sexual attitude and behaviour.
  • Managed sexual addiction from an Islamic & Therapeutic's perspective.

Quranic Studies for Life, Ustaz Mizi Wahid

Quranic studies for life Islamic online class by Ustaz Mizi Wahid

Every Sunday morning at 10 am, join Ustaz Mizi Wahid's Quranic Studies for Life where he aims to help us appreciate the divine revelation in our everyday lives.  

Register here

You can also listen to all the past sessions on Spotify.

Weekday Kuliah 

Free Islamic online class by Masjid Al-Falah

Masjid Al-Falah will be streaming their weekly kuliah on Facebook at 8:00pm. 


Fiqh Al-Sirah oleh Sheikh Md Sa'id Ramadan Al-Buti

Speaker: Ustaz Hidayat Ismail


Hadith  (Bulughul Maram)

Speaker: Ustaz Mohammed Nazim Rahumma Dulla


Kitab Mazhab Syafie (Al Fiqh Al-Manhaji

Speaker: Ustaz Khairani Basiran

SATANOLOGY: The Devil Deludes, Ustaz Ahmad Faritz

Free online islamic class by al audwah academy


Alqudwah Academy TV is offering their latest sessions on their app and YouTube channel for free, with the exception of Ustazah Sakinah Saptu’s Al-'Ibrah. The sessions will be available, free, for a week, from the date of its public premiere.


You can catch SATANOLOGY: The Devil Deludes by Ustaz Ahmad Faritz from Asatizah Youth Network here.


Weekly Reflections, Ustazah Nur Hidayah

Free online Islamic class by Ustazah Hidayah Azman


Ustazah Nur Hidayah Azman releases weekly reflection videos on relatable topics such as ‘Doing Things With Meaning’ and ‘Remember Allah In Times Of Ease’. 


Subscribe to her channel and watch her vlogs here.


Zoom classes, Ustaz Fizar Zainal

Free online Islamic class by Ustaz Fizar Zainal


Register for Zoom classes by Ustaz Fizar Zainal from Asatizah Youth Network here.


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