4 Things You Need to Know about aLIVE Registration 

Chances are you may not know some of them.
by aLIVE.sg 2020-08-04 • 2 min read
aLIVE.sg is a part-time programme aimed at nurturing soleh and solehah children with taqwa and good akhlak, knowledgeable in Islam, to become practising Muslims and show care and concern towards others.
2020-08-04 • 2 min read

aLIVE Weekend Madrasah Registration 2020

alive weekend madrasah Singapore  

ICYMI, the registration period for aLIVE is coming! If you’ve not heard much about aLIVE yet, here are four things you might want to take note of if you’re planning to enrol your child into aLIVE in 2021: 

1. aLIVE is available at 38 mosques all over Singapore 

alive mosque madrasah registration 2020 

Though not all mosques offer aLIVE classes, you’re bound to find one near you with 38 mosques offering aLIVE all over Singapore.  

Click here to find out where their centres are. 

2. There are 4 stages of aLIVE programmes 

aLIVE offers 4 stages of programmes to ensure seamless continued Islamic Education for children. These stages are: 

  • Kids (5-8 years old) 

  • Tweens (9-12 years old) 

  • Teens (13-16 years old) 

  • Youth (17-20 years old) 

3. There’s also this thing called Kids aLIVE Home Edition (KAHE) 

The KAHE programme aims to make experiential-based Islamic learning more accessible to parents and the general public. This free home learning programme comprises a set of activities and materials to support parents in guiding their children in learning Islam at home. 

This is for parents who are more comfortable teaching/guiding their children on their own at home. 

To register for KAHE, click here

4. aLIVE has an animation series Alif & Aisya 

 alive madrasah home learning registration 

To support classroom-based learning, aLIVE has also produced an animation series called Alif & Aisya. The series acts as a supplement to some topics taught in aLIVE classes. 

Now that you know aLIVE a little better, why not enrol your child into aLIVE? Keep a lookout on their social media platforms as registration opens real soon! 

Below is a short clip on aLIVE for those interested to find out more. 

weekend madrasah Singapore for 4 years old

aLIVE (Learning Islamic Values Everyday) is an Islamic Education programme by Muis held in mosques in Singapore. 

The aLIVE programmes aim to nurture soleh/solehah (pious/righteous) children with taqwa (God-consciousness) and good akhlak (character), knowledgeable in Islam, become practising Muslims, and show care and concern towards others. 

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