Activities Youth Can Do During This Circuit Breaker School Holiday

The ultimate list of stay-home activities for youth during the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore.
by Muslim.Sg 2020-05-03 • 6 min read
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2020-05-03 • 6 min read

The Ultimate List of Youth Activities During the COVID-19 Outbreak in Singapore


Youth activities in Singapore during circuit breaker


School holidays for students from primary to tertiary levels have been brought forward from June to May, due to COVID-19 pandemic. After a month of home-based learning, parents and students finally can take a breather from the daily online learning routines.


However, this school holiday may be one of the most challenging school holiday periods for many. As we are still in the circuit breaker period, these students are not allowed to leave their homes and engage in outside activities. For teens and youth, this could pose as a challenge. You are not able to meet your friends outside, engage in outdoor sports activities and other social gatherings and leisure activities. This will be a very different school holiday experience.


However, you are not alone. Everybody is facing this challenge of having to stay at home during this period. While this may be very inconvenient for many of us, we are all aware of the need to do this, as part of our role to join the battle to fight COVID-19. Moreover, we are in this blessed month of Ramadan. We can take the opportunity of the break from our normal routine to do something different during this period.


Here are stay-home activities you can do, without having to go out during this period:


  1. Live Engagements with our Ustaz and Ustazah


This Ramadan, many of our religious teachers, Ustaz and Ustazahs are going online to engage people of various age groups. They are conducting free online engagements that you can participate in and even ask questions or give your comments. From Facebook to Instagram LIVE, our asatizah are very active across various social media platforms.

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Instagram Live sessions that you can look forward to:


  1. After Terawih Talk, every Friday, 10 pm at DahReadyKeBelum Instagram


After Terawih Talk for youth in Singapore in Covid-19 outbreak


  1. Berbual Deep, daily on weekdays, after Subuh, at Ustaz Aiman Khalid Instagram


Instagram live by Ustaz Aiman for youth in Singapore during covid-19 outbreak


  1. IG Live with Ustaz Tamliikhaa & friends, daily at 9.45 pm at Ustaz Tamliikhaa Instagram


IG live by Ustaz Tamliikhaa and Zooheyree for youth in Singapore during covid-19 outbreak


  1. Ramadan Specials by Masjid Yusuf’s Ishak Youth and young and energetic asatizah, every Monday and Thursday, 6 pm at Ukhuwwah Qowiyyah Instagram


Need4deen IG live for youth in Singapore during covid-19 outbreak


You may also wish to join the following Facebook live sessions:


  1. JUST ASK Asatizah Youth Network (AYN) Talkshow, every Thursday, 9.30 pm on Muslim.Sg Facebook


Just Ask AYN Facebook live for youth in Singapore during covid-19 outbreak


  1. The Youth Daily Show, 9 pm, almost daily at Muslim Youth Forum Facebook

Youth Daily Facebook live for youth in Singapore during covid-19 outbreak


2)         Access Free Online Content


  1. Watch Free Online Drama Series, at Big Mouth Production Facebook

  1. Join free online Islamic learning series - Our Ramadan Journey by local millennial Asatizah, Every Saturday, 12 pm on Muslim.Sg Facebook


Ramadan Facebook live class for youth in Singapore during covid-19 outbreak


3) Spend Time to Help Others


If you really want to go out, why not make it count! Volunteer and help to distribute food. Call up your friends and register at!


SG United Buka Puasa for youth in Singapore during covid-19 outbreak


4) Spread Your Creativity by Producing Online Content


Do visit CR8 Studio SG, a  digital video channel to help creative freelancers channel their expertise into producing live stream content to engage youth during COVID-19. CR8 Studio SG launched their first video on 20 April and will be bringing you video content from fitness & wellness, social media trends, live local music acts and even stand-up comedy from some of Singapore’s creatives such as Fakkah Fuzz.

There are many other activities you can do even if you are not able to go out and gather with your friend. Check out MEHGOWHERE for the latest happenings that you can do during this period! This platform gets you the latest scoop on content, news, videos, and activity ideas.

Be sure to also take care of your mental well-being while at home!  Find out more here. You may also connect with Youth.Sg to find out what YOUth can do as we face COVID-19 together!


If you are looking to enrich yourself religiously this Ramadan, do check our Free Online Islamic Classes listing! Also, if you are into accessing more religious content online, do listen to various Islamic Podcasts or watch fun and engaging Islamic videos


Let us spend this school holiday by enriching ourselves at home this Ramadan! Stay home, stay safe, fight COVID-19!

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